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Artlantis Studio - Single License

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Artlantis Studio - Single License

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Artlantis Studio version - exploration of any of your virtual worlds made in Artlantis. Offering all the advanced functions for digital imagery that were provided in Artlantis R, Artlantis Studio, with the adding of the animated visualization of 3D objects and 3D scenes, manages to keep the same obviousness of use and the same vocation of technological revolution which are the trademarks of the Artlantis product family.

Artlantis Render

Since it was created by Abvent fifteen years ago, Artlantis has gradually evolved through contact with architects. The challenge was threefold: to offer architects a software package capable of the best rendering possible, computed in record time and all this with an interface that could be used by anyone, professionals and non-professionals in the field of synthesis imaging. Today, the new Artlantis family keeps up with and satisfies the new demands for efficiency, productivity, quality and speed.

More Examples of Artlantis in Action

(Working with VectorWorks, Archicad and more)

Real Time Preview
Like its predecessor, Artlantis Studio is designed based on the original concept of constant preview window interactivity, with user defined modifications and settings. The preview image is calculated each time a change is made to the lighting, subject or environment settings, enabling the user to control all adjustments without losing time. The extremely high speed of its computing engines even provides access, in preview, to the radiosity and raytracing effect settings.

Media manipulation is easy and transparent to the user. By simply dragging and dropping, the user can incorporate shader, Artlantis object or image folders into catalogs where he can then choose the elements he places into the scene. The same easy drag and drop procedure is used to apply the selected image, texture or object to dress an object, place a background or foreground image, add a furniture element or a person.

Dependent Viewpoint
Each view of the project can make up a particular study integrating various representations ranging from the calendar date to a light source going out, or a change in the camera angle.

Compliant with Operating Systems
Mac OS X users will be delighted because the Artlantis Studio interface is perfectly compliant with Apple's Guidelines. And Windows users will discover an Artlantis that meets the Microsoft platform standard.

Customized Tools
To reduce the learning curve even faster, Artlantis Studio lets you configure your graphic windows interface instantly by using the operating system's dedicated functions.

ArchiCAD, VectorWorks and SketchUp, the major Abvent partners in the CAD Architecture world, export directly to Artlantis format. This direct link provides more complete and better quality data recovery than by going through a classic exchange format. Artlantis imports the most commonly used 3D formats -- DXF, DWG or 3DS. We should also point out that, for 3DS format files, Artlantis recovers certain data such as map textures and lights.

Specialized Shaders
To complement the standard library, Abvent offers CD-ROMs with theme collections designed specially for Artlantis by industry partners or independent designers. These provide a multitude of materials and textures that you can use for your synthesis images (for Macintosh and Windows).

Artlantis owes its major revolutionary change to its new radiosity calculators that bring unprecedented realism to renderings. A simple sun and lighted sky, and exterior as well as interior views are illuminated instantly and without any other tedious settings.
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