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QuickBooks Online PLUS IRISH ☘ Edition<br>1 Year Subs <font color="#FF0000">SALE Ends Shortly
After using QuickBooks desktop for many years, I have long w ..
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QuickBooks Online PLUS IRISH ☘ Edition
1 Year Subs SALE Ends Shortly
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von Pete Wedderburn Datum hinzugefügt: Wednesday 05 January, 2022
After using QuickBooks desktop for many years, I have long wished for extra features such as automatic downloading of bank details. Well now it's here. QuickBooks online automates everything right down to near real-time bank account transactions. And there are many other new features such as automatic learning of how you categorise items so that you can create rules that do a lot of the work for you in future transactions.
I'd strongly recommend it and I'd also recommend the axonware team. Dan, in particular has been very helpful sorting out some of the minor glitches, which always happen when you're installing new software.

Bewertung: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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